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Monday, 5 September 2011

#103 - Interactive Touch Books

TITLE: Interactive Touch Books
SCORE: 5 / 5
NOTE: Wi-Fi is required to download new books (but not to access your already-downloaded library)


If you're one of those rare kinds of parent that enjoys educating and entertaining their children, you'll find this app an excellent addition to your (digital) bookshelf.  ITB presents you with a collection of interactive, simple books to engage your child's imagination.  Select an available title, one of several options of reading style, then sit back and enjoy as your young son or daughter helps move the story along in several fun, creative ways.


The app provides you with 3 free books to begin with.  Additional books will run you anywhere from 0.99 - 2.99/per book. A registration and login are also required to use the app, although it literally takes seconds, making it a minor inconvenience.  You are also required to download the books you select (though again, this is a fairly fast process: not too painful unless you're particularly anally retentive).


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