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Thursday, 1 September 2011

#101 - Advanced Wireless Forms

TITLE: Advanced Wireless Forms
SCORE: 4 /5

Advanced Wireless Forms may be a pretty useful tool if you find yourself in need of regularly keeping track of form information but need a better, paperless option. Register in minutes, then be assigned a unique account and user number in order to login to use the service.
Upon login, you are able to choose one of my sample forms to use as a template for whatever business you're conducting. Fire damage repair form? Sure. Home inspection checklist? Gotcha. Pickup/Delivery details? No problem. Simply select what you need and you are provided with a summary of all the details you may be required to fill out.


If you find yourself regularly in need of this service (such as if you are in the business of regular home inspection for clients) than you may find this app quick and simple. A minor annoyance comes in the form of a required account. While free, fast, and easy to register, I really see no point in having to supply a company with any personal information (particularly my phone number...ah, no, I don't think so) just to use a simple paperwork app on my iPod. But hey, no need to provide your legitimate private information upon signup, after all...


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