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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

#70 - Sketchbook X

TITLE: Sketchbook Mobile X
SCORE: 5 /5 


Sufficed to say that art on the iPod/iPhone is not exactly easy.  With a bigger surface, the iPad is less troubling, but having more control over the canvas and more variety to choose from in terms of function, Sketchbook X is likely the best art/sketching application I've seen on iTunes.  The app boasts multi-touch navigation for your full screen work area (UI on demand), Layer support (and import from camera and library), visibility/transparency/merge controls over up to 3 layers, 10 levels of undo/redo functioning and much more.  Seriously, get it.

RECOMMENDATION: There's a ton of additional functions that I haven't even listed in this review.  If you like apps with artistic functions, this is extremely user friendly and versatile compared to what else is out there!


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