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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

#71 - Trover

TITLE: Trover
SCORE: 5 /5 


Ever find yourself walking through a city and spotting something you really like? Wether it's a piece of artistic graffiti, the ornate architecture of a nearby building, or just something beautiful you want everyone else to see, Trover provides you with a perfect social network setting to share your discoveries.  Snap a picture on the go (or choose one from your existing photo library), add a description of your choice, then add it to the feed of your location/city.  Come back and see what other people have to say about your discovery and see what else has been shared! You never know what kind of interesting stuff is hiding just out of sight! Connect with the world via the in-app friend list system to notify specific people of specific discoveries!

RECOMMENDATION: There's actually a fantastically varied list of opportunities when it comes to utilizing this application! At the bookstore or local Blockbusters? Snap a shot of what catches your interest to recommend it to a friend! Spot an exhibit or event you wish more people knew about? Whip out Trover!  The downside? Like with all Wi-Fi apps, obviously Wi-Fi is required.  In a big, bustling city with a steady stream of connections available? That's fantastic! In a small town with basic DSL in one half on a good day? Not so much.


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