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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

#76 - Voice Brief Lite

TITLE: Voice Brief Lite
SCORE: 4 / 5

COST: LITE (Demo) - Allows for up to 4 of the most recent posts from any source (Facebook, Google Reader, Email, etc.) to be read.  Full version is unlimited.

Do you find yourself just way too busy multitasking (or being lazy, which is more my problem) to read the many updates to the various social sites you subscribe to? How would you like to listen to them, instead? Link your Voice Brief to any source (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, blogs, etc.) that you choose, then sit back and hit play on the application.

RECOMMENDATION: Technically not only is there nothing wrong with this app that I could find (at least in the Lite version), but the computerized voice is, for once, not your standard flat robotic charmer.  A high-quality voice really makes it a pleasure to listen to my updates!


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