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Friday, 24 June 2011

#78 - Would You Ever?

TITLE: Would You Ever?
SCORE: 1.5 / 5


What's sad about this game is that it has the potential to be fun.  It has the potential to be funny, addictive, and vaguely inappropriate (app developers take note: the recipe for the perfect app).  Sadly, it chooses to be none of these things? Why? I have to assume the app is just lazy like that.  Would You Ever? is a game of choices.  You are presented with the option to decide between two "Would you ever..." scenarios.  You select the one you prefer....and than it goes on to the next question.  Wooo, exciting stuff.

RECOMMENDATION: There's so much potential to take this idea further.  Why not make it an online social app? Allow users to pose their own pair of questions for each other! Allow comments for those wishing to elaborate on a more interesting choice!  Allow for a variety of categories to choose from when it comes to the questions!  Look, I'm not even thinking that hard about this right now.  Seriously, do something more with this, developers.


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