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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

#66 - Alice: Madness Returns

TITLE: Alice: Madness Returns (World)
SCORE: 5 / 5


Another instance where my rampant sense of nerdiness overcomes my professional reviewing ethics (whatever those may be).  As a huge fan of American McGee's, Alice, the 2000 game release about a disturbed young woman  undergoing a very twisted journey through her "Wonderland", news of a continuation to this creepy, visceral game eventually led to being referred to this app.  An interactive storybook meant to bridge the exposition gap between the first game and the upcoming second, A: MR is every bit as atmospheric and twisted as the games themselves.

RECOMMENDATION:  If you enjoyed the first game, you really can't pass this app up. The graphics are beautiful and the story very satisfying if you're even remotely into the creepy or odd...


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