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Monday, 13 June 2011

#69 - Sonar

TITLE: Sonar: Mobile Profile for Local Social Networking
SCORE: 4 /5


Wether you frequent parties where you just don't know anyone or you like the creepy stalking potential of this particular app, Sonar doesn't disappoint if you need something to talk about. Signing up via Facebook (this, for some baffling reason, being the only way to be eligible for a Sonar account right now) will allow Sonar to scan your Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter details and make them available to anyone else around you also signed up.  So if, as a woman, you needed another way to make it harder to avoid the annoying guy at the bar...this is it.  Now you can't.  Now you have something to talk about.  Yay.

RECOMMENDATION: If you can look past the obvious veil of uncomfortable stalker-vibes, this could be a fantastic social app.  Whats worst than showing up at a large party where you may know all of nobody, having no idea what to talk about or what you have in common with anyone? This will make that--alongside roping your date into your trunk at the end of the night--all the easier.  So, downside? You need a Facebook account.


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