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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

#104 - iLyrics

TITLE: iLyrics Mobile
SCORE: 4.5 / 5
NOTE: This app is Wi-Fi / ONLINE only! 


Do you happen to have a short memory for lyrics? Then iLyrics provides you with an app that promises lyric translations for the songs in your library in English, Chinese, and Japanese.  Simply select a song from your music library, run this app, then sit back and sing along.


For the most part, it does exactly what it should.  Most songs in the library will have, at the very least, the English lyrics.  Very few during my trial run came with the promised Chinese and/or Japanese lyrics, but if you just want the English translation that isn't a big deal.  The app also runs your music in the background, automatically moving to the next song in your library when necessary and switching the lyrics accordingly.  The first of my big (if not fair) complaint concerns the fact that some songs will not have their lyrics available, though this is purely due to licensing restrictions and not really the fault of the app. The second (not so fair) complaint is the fact that some lyrics may be for the wrong song due to some mix-up issues (ie, My Sacrifice, by Creed is accompanied by lyrics to Eminem's, Infinite.


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