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Monday, 16 May 2011

#49 - Tap Defense

TITLE: Tap Defense 
SCORE: 3 / 5 


An oldie but goodie, Tap Defense is pretty much Tower Defense for your iPhone.  The strategy is simple: start each level with a finite amount of gold and use it to set up a variety of different weaponry and trap defenses to hold back the oncoming horde of monsters.  For each monster killed, you earn more gold to buy additional defense or upgrade what you already have. 

RECOMMENDATION: Challenging and addictive with a fairly easy leaning curve. Go for it.


Random Deals said...

Thank you for stopping by Random Deals and joining the Whimsical Wednesday blog hop. I am your newest follower :) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they released a really buggy update, then completely pulled it from the App Store. Sad... it used to be a great game, then they crippled it and took it away. It's unplayable on my iPhone 4, with no way to get an "unbroken" previous version! :(

Erika said...


Damn, I just tried and crashed to the Home Screen during play :( Oh well, just take heart they may fix it come another update...we hope.

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