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Thursday, 19 May 2011

#52 - Shoeboxed

TITLE: Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker & Reader 
SCORE:  1 / 5

COST: FREE (except not)

A fantastic idea sunk beneath the mass of the developer's greed.  Advertised as a free app providing a great way to store and view all of your receipts, Shoeboxed is instead a bit of a hook.  Not very classy, developers.  As a free user, you are given only 5 credits (each worth one receipt entry) to store your receipts and are then expected to pay $9.95/month if you want to be able to store more (making the app essentially utterly useless at its intended purpose unless you pay the additional monthly charge).

RECOMMENDATION: No. By comparison it costs less to take all of your receipts to a cheap accountant than what you will spend on this app in a year.


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