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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

#91 - Tiny Tower

TITLE: Tiny Tower
SCORE: 4 /5


If you've ever found yourself playing Sim City and hoping you could just condense the entirety of your city into a single building like some horrific mass of living blob sims and convenience, Tiny Tower would like to lend you the shelf space to do just that.  Build and control the businesses and "bitizens" of your glorious tower like the self-styled Trump that you are.

RECOMMENDATION: Usually when I find myself downloading a sim game of any kind, the first thing that will put me off is that although the game claims to allow fair progression through completing activities in-game, it really comes down to the advantage of what you purchase for real money.  Tiny Tower doesn't subscribe to that annoying practice (yet) and allows you to play without the added requirement of spending real cash.


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