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Monday, 28 March 2011

#1 - Hysteria Project

TITLE: Hysteria Project
SCORE: 2 / 5


So you've just woken up from your latest Friday night bender and found yourself in a bit of a pickle: namely, you appear to have found yourself duct-taped in some pervert's forest shed.  Calm down, take a look around, and get moving!
A Fantastic concept let down by shitty execution, Hysteria basically stands as a poor man's Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game, with the events in the horror "film" playing out according to your choices. But each decision is completely limited (you  can either choose to run down the left path and keep going or down the right path, which gets your ass killed).  The quality of the video is also fairly blurry and grainy, making it particularly aggravating as you run through yet another of this game's dozen wooded area settings.  Repetition is also a severe problem, as you will learn to hate trees by the time you're done with this, seriously.
RECOMMENDATION:  I would give it a download just to check out the potential of this kind of game.  Properly done, this could be not only fun, but a great niche market for independent app-makers that want a leg-in.


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