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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

#6 - LordofDestruction

TITLE: LordofDestruction
SCORE: 1 / 5


I have to say I was pretty disappointed with this game.  Everything was there to make it a really fun, cute little arcade side-scroller, but it fell sadly short.  The graphics are, as you can see, simply sketchy drawings (this includes the in-play graphics), lending it a kind of simple, clean charm.  The controls were very easy and responsive (just mow down a wave of 'knight' baddies in standard side-scrolling style) and earn coin to level up your weaponry in the shop as you go.  All this would have made for a great game if not for the deal-breaking amount of glitches.  Some could be overlooked (the knights spawn seemingly out of thin air or right next to you in some cases, rather than appearing off the screen), but largely the glitches make the game unplayable (you can't advance past the first level, for one.  Either it will not load or it will load the level sans any baddies, leaving you to run around pointlessly).

RECOMMENDATION:  Until the developers fix the glitch issues, then I can't recommend what is essentially a broken game.  If you want to give this a look purely for its one level and aesthetic appeal, well hell, it's free.  But as a game, it fails.


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