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Monday, 28 March 2011

#5 - Fozwot

TITLE: Fozwot Lite
SCORE: 5 / 5


In the sea of mediocrity that is the iTunes games collection, to find something original and interesting you really do have to look at the independent titles.  I dug deep to find Fozwot, and finding it alone was a piece of good luck.  If you enjoy the tilt mechanics of the iPhone/iPod used in your games, want to see some truly original, almost Gothic level design, and want to play a genuinely good, fun game, I can't recommend this enough.

The point of the game? Simple.  You are the titular, 'Fozwot', and it is your job as servant to your buggy queen to gather all the lazy queen's eggs through each progressively more challenging level.  The mechanics are great, the game-play catching, and if you're not genuinely tempted to get the full version after playing this (pleasantly lengthy) demo, I will...eat Fozwot.

RECOMMENDATION: Yes, this.  Get it.  Now.


You're My Ichiban said...

Artwork looks amazing, I'll test it out

Deaddoll00 said...

You'll definitely enjoy it! :D

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