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Friday, 1 April 2011

#12 - First Aid: White Cross

TITLE: First Aid: White Cross
SCORE: 4 / 5


Whether you are a healthcare professional that likes a quick crash course every once in a while or just your average flesh-squishingly delicate human being, First Aid is an app that it really can't hurt to have! Accompanied by some very straightforward, simplistic illustrations, this app will provide an efficient and basic guide to dealing with a variety of emergencies.

RECOMMENDATION:  One might certainly say that if you are looking for a good, detailed first aid guide, this is probably not your first choice.  There are plenty of apps that go into the subject on a broader scale (if you have the time for it, that is).  If, however, you want a comforting kind of insurance in your pocket that doesn't span a novel-length, you could do worst.  You won't be performing surgery, but you might just glean enough to save a life.


Heather Frost said...

That's so cool!


Deaddoll00 said...

And useful ;)

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