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Monday, 4 April 2011

#17 - Period Tracker

TITLE: Period Tracker
SCORE: 4 / 5


Now, I realize this may cause some amount of behind-hand giggling, but yes, women do, in fact, get periods.  If you're on the move; whether for business or pleasure, there's nothing quite as annoying as debilitating cramps on the day of.  If you want to come at the world a little more prepared, this app will help to organize your cycles (not only for your time of the month, but for pregnancy-related scheduling as well).  And, should you decide that you desperately need to look at your period in graph form (Oh, EXCITING!) you can upgrade to the Deluxe version, which will transfer all existing Lite data to your new deluxe app.

RECOMMENDATION: If you're a woman that wants to keep better track of her cycle, this is for you.  If you are a man...maybe you want to know when your wife or girlfriend will be at her crankiest. (Ooh, period joke, zing.)


Anonymous said...

Yay! A site that introduces apps one at a time so I don't feel so inundated when I go to the app store! I like to stay up on what's available, but I'd much rather have someone tell me about it than go searching myself. How lazy am I? lol

Deaddoll00 said...

Don't feel bad about it, lol, I'm the same way. The iTunes store is just not the best to navigate :(

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