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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

#18 - Pro HDR Free

SCORE: 5 / 5
NOTE:  This app is not technically the full, free version, so I am categorizing it  under 'Demo/Lite'.  Paid HDR will net you full resolution HDR photographs of up to 5 megapixels with no watermark.


If you own an iPod Touch, you already know the still camera included is a bag of sadness.  The resolution is terrible, and as great as the HD video recording capabilities are, I would personally rather have a good picture camera attached.

So along comes Pro HDR in your hour of need. Take pictures at a resolution of 640 x 480, with a very tiny watermark at the bottom (this being the free version and all).  Automatically take the best shot available (using a method of taking several snapshots of your image and putting them together to get the most pleasing result), manually adjust the settings before taking the photograph, or apply the settings to existing photographs.

RECOMMENDATION: This is by no means true high definition.  But as far as the iPod Touch goes, apps like this one are the best chance you have for the closest alternative.  It certainly made my pictures a lot better!


Venerons said...

I have the full version on my ipod touch, and I have also iCamera HDR and HDR Fusion, and I think that Pro HDR is the best. HDR Fusion is faster, yes, but the automatic mode is not precise, and the result is a "cold photo". Also, no photo edit options. iCamera HDR is a really professional app, but whit a terrible camera as the iPod Touch the result is not always good. If I had a iPhone it will be different, but with the iPod the best photo app I've tried is Pro HDR (Full)

Deaddoll00 said...

I'm likely going to get the Full version, as I just cannot do anything photo-related without it. I tried other apps too (Demos/Free anyway) and have to agree, HDR looks like the best.

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