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Thursday, 21 April 2011

#32 - Free Translator

TITLE: Free Translator With Voice: More Than Just a Dictionary
SCORE: 4 / 5


I've run into a pretty good variety of translators on iTunes.  Some are text-only, some have voice features (most of a mechanical, hard to understand nature) and most are pay-only.  So it's nice to cut out the bells and whistles and find something free that just does what you need it to.

Any and every language (at least that I can think of), many with available voice-features to read aloud to any unsuspecting stranger the drunken slurs you just punched in.

RECOMMENDATION: If you need a translator, then this works.  The voice feature is also a nice touch, though not necessarily implemented for every language and, in some cases, not always very attractive (German will read to you in a nice, sultry lady-voice.  Czech will yell at you in robot-speak)


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