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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

#25 - 3D Converter

TITLE: 3D Converter
SCORE: 3 / 5
NOTE: You will need a pair of classical, red/green filter 3D glasses.


Do you remember those old, paper 3-D Glasses you used to get with comic books? Where you had one green and one red filter to help an image "pop" from the rest of a picture? This is the same concept, except you get to choose what photograph/image you want to apply those effects to! Import or take a photograph, then use your finger (adjusting brush width) to "color" over the part of the image you would like to convert.  In settings, then choose the depth you would like the image to pop and what kind of 3-D effect you want to achieve.

RECOMMENDATION: While the classical 3-D was never really my cup of tea, you can definitely have some fun with your photographs.  Take a picture of your friend, make them "pop" out of the scene, then export to Facebook or another social network of choice to share! There are some drawbacks to this app.  The act of coloring over your image can be a bit laggy and conversion takes a few seconds, but if you have the patience, this could be fun!


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