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Saturday, 2 April 2011

#14 - FlipBook Lite

TITLE: FlipBook Lite 
SCORE:  3.5 / 5


For anyone that has ever used Flash for animation (or really any frame-by-frame animator), then you've worked with this.  Start a new project on a fresh layer, draw in whatever you intend to animate (good control of brushes/sizes/colors, etc.), select the next layer, and your original frame will remain on screen (albeit transparent) to make animating the next frame even easier.  Then when you are finished, view your animation before exporting it wherever you choose.

RECOMMENDATION: While I might compare the two, Flipbooks is not Flash, so expecting the same diverse utilities would be a mistake. The Lite version is also capped at 50 frames, not great if you want to create some epic animations but not bad if you're just wanting to create something cute and simple for a website.


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